1. We have a selection of 500,000 known titles in our warehouses with an online brochure of 10million. Because of this, it is possible your book is delivered from a warehouse in another location hence the extra time to deliver the item to you.

  2. In order for our payment processor to verify the validity and authenticity of your cards, a verification check is made by a withdrawal of a token sum of money. This sum is usually reversed after a few days.

  3. If you change your mind, you can return books and be refunded. But be advised this is limited to books within 24 hours of purchase. We also do not have a free return policy on our website.

  4. As a policy, we do not dispatch damaged books. But if you received damaged books from us, do not return until we reply you via mail.

  5. You cannot change the venue of delivery after placing your order. Should you choose to do so, find out if the order has already being processed. If in the affirmative, we won’t be able to do so.

For these mentioned above and any others please use the Contact Forms.